Shocking Audio Recording: Hugo Sluimer and founder Rob Koster Lied in United States court



In an unprecedented turn of events, a damning recorded phone conversation with Dominican Republic public figure, Hugo Sluimer has surfaced, confirming allegations that he and his business partner Rob Koster founder (Public figure) of LEXA.NL deliberately lied in a US court. The tape, dated October 2022, underscores a disturbing pattern of deliberate falsehoods and misrepresentations perpetrated by the duo within the judicial system.

The audiotape, exhibits Sluimer discussing the dubious legal statements, indicating clear knowledge of their falsehoods. Such an act is not only a profound breach of trust, but it is also a severe violation of US law. 

Sluimer's repeated false assertions of being a Monaco citizen appear to have been part of an intricate web of deceit. The tape not only points to his fraudulent citizenship claims but also suggests Rob Koster's active participation in spreading fraudulent narratives they knew were false. Sluimer admitted on tape that he is not a Monaco citizen. 

Sluimer and Koster also fraudulently claimed in Miami-Dade court documents that the defendant convinced Sluimer to invest additional funds to keep the company growing as seen below:

In the recorded conversation Sluimer admits that the defendant never asked him for more money. To the contrary, Sluimer admits that he contacted the defendant if he could please add more money, which the defendant refused as the company did not need additional capital. Sluimer and Koster both put pressure on the company to take on more debt at a very high interest rate. That Hugo Sluimer and Rob Koster knowingly lied to a US court is incomprehensible and a blatant disregard for the law. (More false statements will be released soon.)

Sluimer is currently accused of orchestrating a multi-million dollar money laundering and tax evasion operation. His business partners in the alleged crime are all from Finland and named: Mikko Pakkanen, Antti Pakkanen, Antti Korperla, Mika Junnila, Ilpo Raiskila, Kaj Valve, Janne Keskinen, Mirjami Keskinen and Jukka Tapaninen the CEO of AIFORIA Tickersymbol:Hel

Rob Koster, meanwhile, stands accused of soliciting a 400,000 Euro investment from Sluimer for a Harderwijk-based real estate venture called "de Posterij", despite being fully aware of the ongoing money laundering accusations. His involvement raises questions about his complicity and fuels speculations about the true nature of the "de Posterij" investment. Koster is not clear about his role in the project

In conclusion, the emergence of the recorded phone conversation of Hugo Sluimer has cast a glaring spotlight on his and Koster’s deceptive practices within the judicial system. Dated October 2022, the audiotape not only confirms false narratives in US court records but also reveals a disconcerting pattern of deliberate falsehoods and misrepresentations.

The audiotape unequivocally demonstrates Sluimer’s awareness of the fabrications in his and Koster’s legal statements, marking a profound betrayal of trust and a serious infringement of US law. His repeated and fraudulent claims of Monaco citizenship were evidently part of a complex scheme of deception. The tape further implicates Rob Koster, exposing his active role in perpetuating these false narratives. 

Contrary to their claims in court, Sluimer admitted in the recorded conversation that he was not coerced into investing more funds into the company. Instead, it was he who approached the defendant, offering additional funds, which was initially declined. This revelation contradicts their previous statements and shows their willingness to manipulate facts to suit their narrative.

Sluimer's involvement in the multi-million dollar money laundering and tax evasion operation, along with his Finnish associates, he is accused of, adds another layer of complexity to the case. On the other hand, Koster’s questionable solicitation of a substantial investment from Sluimer for a real estate venture, despite being aware of the ongoing accusations against him, raises serious questions about his integrity and intentions. Unfortunately, Hugo Sluimer refuses to show his US tax returns.

As we await further revelations and details to surface, it remains crucial to uphold the values of truth, integrity, and accountability, particularly when it comes to legal proceedings and public trust. 

Stay tuned for more details! This remains a developing story. We will continue to follow this closely and bring you updates as soon as they become available. 

NEW: Rob Koster  falsely claims he has nothing to do with "de Posterij" and never accepted a cent from Hugo Sluimer.

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